Ayudando a los estudiantes de Los Cabos a alcanzar sus sueños.


Luis Eduardo Landeros


GSP Scholar Europe Story

Everyone has experiences, which can transcend a way that turn out to be important for life, and this time it happened to me very important. Ibiza Summer 2012, in which I had the good fortune to be in a beautiful place such as Ibiza and the institution Conalep gave me a chance to do practice in this wonderful place. My experience started on July 14, 2012, as I had to leave the city of San Jose del Cabo to start my adventure into the so-called “old continent”, I said goodbye to my family and friends who were there at the time my departure, I should clarify a sad farewell, goodbyes are never happy but sometimes they need to thrive.

My trip lasted 12 hours from the airport in Mexico City to Madrid airport, at the airport of Madrid excited me to see things that were there, as were: what signs purchase items with signs euros, the accent that characterizes the Spanish and of course I already felt closer to my destination,

I Had to continue my trip so my first stop was fulfilled, and the next was the interesting city Amsterdam. Arriving at my next stop, I started to go to what my family said “one of the largest airports in the world”, my excitement grew when he saw that there were fascinating places and I would have the opportunity to meet. Finish my second and last stop to get to my destination, I lurked nerves that time was near. It was July 16, 2012 at 12:00 am when the flight from Amsterdam bound for Ibiza, had landed. We felt despair to take a taxi and see the place where he was to make my practice as a kitchen, after collecting my bags from Ibiza airport, I hurried to the exit as soon as possible, take a taxi and asked him to take me to the Hotel Don Toni where I was going to work. Arriving at the hotel I began to notice how huge was that the Hotel and there began my adventure.

Hotel managers receive me with open arms and with great satisfaction that had arrived in good condition and well. They led me through the kitchen to meet the team with which laboraría, and that’s where I was introduced to chef Antonio and that would be responsible for me in my stay. After the presentation, I was informed about where he was to live, a great place that bore the name “Can Farras” but we had the name “Mel Rose Apartments”. At that place I reported on my roommates were going to be three Spanish from Barcelona, where I found not only roommates if I met great people, great friends and could tell so far … my brothers lost. Inside the apartments knew many people from various parts of the world such as: Italian, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Croacos and many more … but best to meet all these people, is that it was the only representative of Mexico wanted, there were 6 people in Mexico, but in different states, they were there also in practical work, with these people walked, met and explore places and things in my life seen and which only in movies or videos had seen, but until now I could say that I know. As relates to my practice performance was totally awesome, the chefs managed to make a difficult task which was not included in their curriculum … serve as teachers, they managed to teach patience and leave so I could practice and power can deal. I was there in the kitchen until the day that the hotel had to close and I had separate q such great people. They taught me great things from: making figures in fruits, desserts prepared from the Spanish region and know their system that hotel buffet. My experience was ending and my roommates and apartment and had left for their home and then I could not do more to go getting the idea that this adventure was over, and so was the 13th of Mexico in October I left my beloved with the reward of having a great experience it is very difficult to repeat. Upon returning and seeing my family decided that from here begin new things as I await Grants Green family, which I’m sure will be other experiences that are similar to this and it will also be saved in my memories.