Helping young students achieve their dreams.

We empower the youth
of Los Cabos to achieve
their dreams through

Green Scholarship Program
achieves its mission through
3 main programs

To date we have helped 178 young students through university education and vocational training.

Each student receives an average of 250 hours of English lessons per school year.

Each student receives an average of 20 hours of life skills seminars per year.

The Green Scholarship Program (GSP) is a non-profit organization that helps young people, through education, to build a better future for themselves, their families, their communities and for Mexico. GSP’s vision is to empower all young people in the Los Cabos region to achieve their dreams.

To achieve its vision, GSP has a mission to:

Support youth in their advanced education or vocational development by providing scholarships, English classes, vocational training, and life skills seminars to ensure that youth are productive, conscientious, and educated members of our community.

“Learning is a treasure that follows
its owner everywhere”

Our programs

Green Scholarship Program achieves its mission through three main programs:

Scholarship Program

It offers a comprehensive support system to all of its students. Scholarships are awarded after an annual recruitment process. All students must meet the selection criteria.

Marine Biology / Conservation Program

The Marine Biology/Conservation Program specifically sponsors students studying marine biology or environmental science careers in UABCS university in BCS, Mexico.

Hospitality Program

The training incorporates a comprehensive approach to professional development that includes: life skills, hospitality basics, English language, and core values.