Ayudando a los estudiantes de Los Cabos a alcanzar sus sueños.


To start off another season, the Green Scholarship Program recently held a luncheon to present 33 new students with scholarships.  This is the seventh year in a row that students have received university scholarships from the Green Scholarship Foundation.  Since last March, the scholarships have been promoted through the local media and at a number of public high schools in the region.

The students are selected through certain evaluative criteria including their grade average, disposition, attitude, necessity and others.  Of the 33 students who were chosen, 22 come from Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.  The other 11 students come from Todos Santos. This is the first time the program has had participants from Todos Santos. Some of the university programs they will be studying include: Business Administration, Gastronomy, Pedagogy, Criminology and Nutrition.

The Directors of the program, Patricia and Arthur Pratt, and the Coordinator, Jorge Rodriguez, spent a fun afternoon with the students, their parents and their benefactors.  Each one of the students was given gifts, a backpack and a water thermos, and presented with a diploma for attending personal development workshops and they

The lunch consisted of a delicious variety of appetizers and flavoured drinks of water and tea especially prepared for the event.

The students who received scholarships are: Leocadia De Jesus Dolores, Rosalía Acuenteco García, Adriana Patricia Castro Arballo, Ines Amador Garcia, Luis Hayram de Jesus Ramirez Vega, Soemy Aviles  Cordero, Alan Omar Luna Castillo, Ana Victoria Ramirez  Castillo, Anazeida Rosas Mateo, Arturo Abigail Carballo Manriquez, Carlos de Jesus Leon  Beltrán, Dalia Flor Gonzalez Rosas, Gabriela Gonzalez Lopez, Eduardo Landeros Gutierrez, Jesus Eduardo Valdez Mancilla, Jose de Jesus Gonzalez Orozco, Karina Isabel Pena Orozco, Kiara Rosamar Ayub vega, Luis Angel Garcia Bello, Luis Enrique Lopez Sanchez, Marco Esteban Contreras  Amador, Maria Esther Ventura  Zuñiga, Paulette Agundez Orozco, Rita del Carmen Garcia de la Rosa, Yanel  Flores  Flores, Ana Reli Dircio  Sebastian, Fabiola Lizbeth Perez  Martinez, Flor Silva Gatica, Manuel Antonio Nieto  Orozco, Maribel  Mendez  Nazario, Sarai Garcia Lorenzo, Scarlett Martinez Gavito, and Yahairia  Carrero  Avendaro.


About The GSP

The Green Scholarship Program (Programa de Becas Green) was established in 2006 by Patricia and Arturo Pratt to honor Patricia’s parents, Doris and Milton Green of Knoxville, Tennessee.  This foundation was intended to reflect the value that these two hard-working parents placed on education and instilled in their children. Their legacy will be defined by the academic success and achievement of deserving students accepted into the program.

The goal of the GSP, a non-profit 501- C organization, is to provide a four year college scholarship for high school graduates of Los Cabos and surrounding areas. The GSP is an educational division of the Charity Development of Los Cabos (CDLC) in the United States.

The GSP began with one scholar in 2006 and quickly grew to 68.  Today, we welcome 33 scholars.  Since its inception six years ago, fifteen students have achieved the goal of college graduation.

Of these students who applied in the last two years, approximately one third were accepted. The GSP strives to select students who have exhibited perseverance and determination for academic excellence.

Funding for the GSP is obtained from various sources.  Last year (2011) the GSP had over fifty donors. For more information, visit www.gspcabo.com.