Ayudando a los estudiantes de Los Cabos a alcanzar sus sueños.


On Saturday, May 18, 2019 the Green Scholarship Program held its Life Skills Seminar on the topic of “Entrepreneur Skills”. This seminar was given by Karla Basauri who is a professor of Innovation and Business at the University Autonomy of Baja California in Los Cabos (UABCS).

The GSP students worked on very interesting dynamics that helped them to enrich their knowledge in the area of ​​entrepreneurship, creative and innovative products and services and sales in the current market.

Likewise, this Seminar was enriched by a Mexican Cooking Contest, where the GSP students were able to put into practice their skills of teamwork, leadership, time management, budget, etc; topics that have been taught in previous seminars.

We had the presence of 3 recognized chefs of Los Cabos, who tasted the dishes made by each team of students, and in the end, gave a recognition of 3rd, 2nd and 1st place.

We greatly appreciate the presence of Professor Karla Basauri, as well as the Chefs: Manuel de Lucca, Pierre Ouradou and Francisco Lasso.

To finish, we had the recognition of “Student of the Month”, who was awarded to Ulises Lopez for his involvement, leadership and initiative in our organization.

The Green Scholarship Program, always supporting the students of Los Cabos to excel and be leaders in the community!