Ayudando a los estudiantes de Los Cabos a alcanzar sus sueños.


The esplanade of the COBACH 04 state high school hosted the University Education Expo 2013, where the different institutions of the municipality of Los Cabos came forward to future graduates with careers that have, curriculum, scholarships, fees and benefits offered by each them.

The Green Scholarship Program stand

GSP Scholars

To welcome Ivan Garcia Lozano, Assistant Director of Campus COBACH 04, welcomed the presence at this event by the authorities and institutions who exposed young people the information needed to select the college of their choice, according to their interests.

Martin Lagarda  Ruiz Municipal Delegate , urged young people to clear all your doubts about their higher education needs, and to choose a career is a decision that goes along with what made along his life, is why I stressed the importance of studying the degree they are passionate about.

Eduardo Gonzalez Perez, Education Coordinator, external mission area is responsible for carrying out activities of social impact and beneficial results for students, as in the case of the University Expo offering educational options for young people to continue their professional studies.

Also present, representing the Naval Sector Commander Leopoldo Mendoza Martinez, general body frigate Enrique Carbajal Cesar Dominguez Adalberto Perez, Director of ITES Los Cabos, Lucy Guevara Coordinator Letty Coppel Foundation, Andrea Nunez Merchant, Foundation Representative Questro.