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Last Saturday November 23, as every month, our Life Skills Seminar was held. However this time it was not a conventional seminar, GSP students had the opportunity to meet and spend an entire afternoon at the Wild Canyon ecotourism amusement park thanks to the kind invitation made by its founder Leon Robles, who at the same time, on this occasion was our seminar´s speaker. The young scholars not only spent a great time at the park´s water recreational area, the zip lines and at the suspension walking bridges, but they also had the opportunity to learn the story about how the park was created and about Leon´s experience as an entrepreneur, without a doubt a great story of success, extremely inspirational and motivating where students received messages about resilience, passion and hard work among others. Thank You very much to Leon for sharing his story and knowledge and to the entire Wild Canyon team for allowing the GSP students to spend an unforgettable afternoon.