Helping young students achieve their dreams.


Last Tuesday, November 20, we celebrated the graduation of the second generation of students who participated in the Green Hospitality Program, the event was held at the JW Marriott.

We had the honor of having the presence of Mr. Miguel Mestas, JW Marriott General Director, Mrs. Onagh Ash, founder of Gente Jóven and board member of the Green Scholarship Program, as well as with Dr. Reyna Tamayo who collaborates with GSP on this program.

The 27 employees from the JW Marriott who served as facilitators throughout the program were also present and were given a well-deserved recognition as they were the ones who shared, with dedication and enthusiasm, their respective knowledge with the young students.

The event was also attended by the graduated students’ parents who accompanied their sons and daughters not only during this special day, but also along the path of personal and work growth which this program represented.

And of course, our ten graduate students! We celebrate and recognize their great commitment and performance. Even though the program was short in time, it was extremely intense and hard work.

Congratulations to all. We wish them much success in this new endeavor that they are about to start, this time no longer as students but as collaborators of the JW Marriott company.