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Dear friends,

Hoping that this message finds you well, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the Executive Director of Green Scholarship Program and give you an update on what has been the beginning of 2020 for GSP.

Having joined this wonderful team in January, we quickly started promoting the 2020 scholarship campaign, in local high schools.  Another priority was getting to know the current scholars and their individual needs. Our call for proposals closed May 30th. Relevant updates on the application process will be shared with our community through our Facebook page.

We currently have 48 students in our scholarship program, studying in the top universities of Los Cabos in several different majors including Administration, Pedagogy, Law, Accounting, Architecture, Graphic Design and Business. We had our January and February Life Skills Seminars at the GSP offices.  Due to the COVID-19 contingency, we hosted an online seminar on Resume Design in April, in May we had another online session to discuss Stress Management and in June we hosted an online session on, Time Management

These online seminars have been possible thanks to our friends at the Los Cabos Hotel Association who connected us with experts at HR Advisory and Circulo Humano Consultores, local companies specializing in human resources consulting.

As many of you know, here in Mexico most schools were closed in late March along with non-essential businesses in early April.  Our governor has extended the quarantine period until June 15th. Only construction, mining and government dependencies have re-opened since June 1st. 

Throughout this time our team has been in regular communication with our scholars and potential applicants. I have had online meetings with most of the students in assessment of their personal situations and family challenges. All of the students are safe at home with their parents.  None have presented symptoms of COVID-19. 

However, I found that most families have suffered a negative economic impact with one or more family member losing their source of income or receiving a significantly reduced paycheck. In some situations, the only source of family income is from the scholar’s part-time or temporary job.  

Considering the extended quarantine and the current financial situation of these families, I have reached out to the Community Alliance BCS (Alianza Comunitaria BCS) to receive food donations for GSP students.

Another pressing need for our scholars is laptop computers as many of them are using their cell phones to be able to comply with their online learning needs.  The universities have continued classes online and overall the students are satisfied with their school’s efforts.

Amongst the many unexpected factors and continued uncertainty, I am incredibly grateful to be a part of this amazing community.  My spirit is touched and lifted up by the resilience and beautiful family-bonds present in our scholars.  These are wonderful, caring young women and men with bright futures ahead of them.  Thank you for your valuable contributions to the success of the Green Scholarship Program.  You are contributing to a multigenerational impact in Los Cabos.  

If you would like to learn more about GSP, navigate around our website.

You can also join our online crowdfunding Campaign to reach our goal of raising $5,000 USD from June 8th to June 26th from a minimum of 40 donors. Check out our project here:

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We would love to hear from you!  I invite you to send your comments and words of encouragement to our scholars.  

Thank you,

Vanessa Figueroa