Helping young students achieve their dreams.

About Us

Our Story

The Charity Development of Los Cabos (CDLC) was established in 2004 by Patricia and Arthur Pratt to honor Patricia’s parents, Doris and Milton Green of Knoxville, Tennessee. This foundation is intended to reflect the value of education, and its importance in human life.

Doris was a nurse and Milton was studying electromechanical Engineering up until he was called to serve in World War II. They both deeply valued education and saw its impact on family wellbeing and society. Mr. and Mrs. Green supported and encouraged their daughter Patricia to pursue her education. This instilled a high regard for education on young Patricia. Mrs. Pratt was the first female invited to join the masters and doctorate at the College of Business of the University of Tennessee in the 70’s.
Pat and Arthur started visiting Cabo in 2003 and bought a home that year after falling in love with the place and its people. Shortly after, they learned about the lack of educational opportunities in the region when a student who wanted to be a lawyer asked for their help. This is how they joined efforts with a local church to pay for Isaac Garcia’s education and funded CDLC and Green Scholarship Program (Mexican non-profit organization) in 2006.

“The greatest gift a parent can give to a child is confidence”, Mrs. Pratt expresses while thinking back on her youth going to college, participating in the cheerleading program and taking dance lessons. She felt compelled to give youth in Mexico those opportunities that she was able to access thanks to her parents’ hard work and good parenting. “People have good hearts and good values but sometimes they lack educational opportunities”, she says. Since 2006 CDLC has funded Green Scholarship Program to provide university scholarships, books, English classes, vocational training and life skills seminars to excelling students that could not otherwise afford a university education.

Green Scholarship Program, is a non-profit organization that helps young people, through education, to build a better future for themselves, their families, their communities and for Mexico.


Support youth in their education and vocational development by providing scholarships, English classes, vocational training, and life skills seminars to ensure that youth are productive, conscientious, and educated members of our community.


The vision of the GSP program is to empower all young people in the Los Cabos region to achieve their dreams.

Our Board

Staff Members

Vanessa Figueroa

Executive Director

Teresa Maganda (GSP graduate - 2015)

Green Scholarship Program coordinator.

Alitzel Geraldo (GHP graduate - 2019)

Green Hospitality Program coordinator.

Our Core Values

Gratitude:Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings. We strive to practice gratitude in everything we do.

Responsibility:We take responsibility for our lives and actions, acknowledging that in order to be great leaders, we need to be responsible and accountable for what we do.

Empathy:We show consideration for one another and recognize each other’s differences.

Excellence:We cultivate excellence and train our youth to be agents of change in the world. We equip them with the skills and commitment to achieve their dreams and have a better future.

Non-conforming:We strive to transcend in everything that we do; not conforming with the ordinary, but with the extraordinary.