Ayudando a los estudiantes de Los Cabos a alcanzar sus sueños.


On July 20th the Green Scholarship Program held its annual Orientation and Graduation Celebration at the Solaz Luxury Collection Hotel. Special guests, GSP board members, students and their families attended the event. GSP celebrated the graduation of xx students, recognized current students and awarded new scholarships to 19 new students.  Four students shared their stories and successes with the audience.  These students demonstrated tremendous gratitude toward the GSP and how the program has truly made their “dreams come true!”.

This is the 13th consecutive year that students have received university scholarships from GSP, and approximately 134 students have graduated since the inception of the program.

The President of the Green Scholarship Program, Mrs. Patricia Pratt initiated the event with some opening remarks in which she thanked all the attendees and spoke about the foundation´s commitment to improving education and opportunities for the young adults of Los Cabos.

We were also honored by the presence of Louellen Essex, President of Louellen Essex and Associates and Wayne Bisbee, President of Tournament of the Bisbee Fish and Wildlife Conservation Fund. Both emphasized the importance of getting a good education and encouraged the students to be courageous, to overcome obstacles and fear in order to be successful.

During the ceremony, special trophies were awarded to the graduates and diplomas were given to all the students who were recognized for their effort and good performance with their studies.

The GSP also recognized the local partner Universities (Universidad Mundial, Universidad del Golfo de California, Academia de Arte Culinaria Internacional, Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores y Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur) who work hard for the education of Baja California Sur.