Maria Elena, a beneficiary of GSP, shares a bit of her story

My name is Maria Elena Bautista Salinas. I come from a very humble family where my dad did not have the opportunity to study furthermore than third grade of elementary school and my mom could not finish her high school studies. Most of our live my dad had been the only member of the family who provided economic support in our home.

Thanks to the Green Scolarship Program´s support, I am honored to say that I am the first generation to graduate from university. Today I am a professional in law and I am proud and happy to be able to help my family economically.

I am currently working at the Women´s Institute of Baja California Sur where we help women and girls who have experienced violence in different situations. I believe that through my job I am giving this women and girls a piece of what I learned being a scholar at the Green Scholarship Program, this is to give and help others without expecting anything in return, to do it from the heart, to believe that everything is possible if you have a clear and precise goal and that there will be difficult moments in life but not impossible to overcome.

It fills me with satisfaction to be a key person in the life of someone who feels that her world is falling apart and that there is no solution, to be able to share the knowledge and skills I learned at GSP and at college and being able to provide them with legal advice.
Being part of the Green Scholarship´s family makes me feel really proud of myself and I hope to make the GSP proud of me as well.

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