A Dream Come True

My name is Alejandra Plascencia Castro, I live in San Jose del Cabo, where I was born. My dad works in the tourism industry and my mom is a housewife who has dedicated her life to take care of my brother and me. The members of my family are the most important persons  in my life, they are my motivation and  I wish that they always feel proud of me.

As far as I can remember I have always dreamed big.   I dreamed of having a good job and becoming someone important,  and as I grew up  I realized that studying and learning more and more would give me the tools I needed to make my dreams come true.

I am currently 22 years old and I recently graduated from university. I studied Business Administration at La Universidad Mundial of Los Cabos.

Among a total of 30 members of my family I am the second member to have a university degree. My family is quite proud of me. I feel so  blessed and thankful with the Green Scholarship Program for having believed in myself and for helping me reach my dreams and goals.

GSP is definitely an important part of my life, GSP not only allowed me to study a university degree, they accepted me in their foundation and family where I spent moments of joy with my colleagues, I had the opportunity to  meet new people, it allowed me to motivate and challenge  myself day by day and push my limits to be able to accomplish my goals and various responsabilities I had to fulfill as a GSP student.

Today I am working as an administrative assistant in a company called “VAEM GROUP” thanks to the help of the Green Scholarship Foundation who contacted me with this enterprise.  This has been the first opportunity given to me to start working and to put into ptactice everything I learned at the university and at the Green Scholarship Program.

Now that I am a graduate of the program and that I found a job in which I feel fulfilled  I realize how important it is to value the opportunities that arise in life and how important it is as well to be thankful. I will always be grateful for having been part of the GSP. I hope  the GSP family continues growing  and touching the lifes of  many other young adults in order for them to  receive an opportunity like the one that was presented to me.

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